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s'i_ra pointed, sharp (RV.); s'i_rin a kind of kus'a grass (Skt.); si_r the silky-headed grass : citarvai cloth worn or reduced to a rag (Ta.); cita_r thin bark of certain trees used as clothing; cloth, rag (Ta.); citalai small piece of cloth, rag (Ta.); ci_ntuka to tear, strip (a plantain leaf)(Ma.); ci_ntu a shred, strip, streak (Ma.); cindar-a fragment, piece (Te.); kithre to split wood (Malt.)(DEDR 1547).

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carav to let eat, graze (Gypsy); cary, cari, cara_ to herd cattle (Wg.); cara_y (Dm.); car (Tir.(Ta.) ci_la-mannu (Te.) coat of clay on cloth spread over the mouth of a calcinatory pot; ci_lai (Ta.) cf.220); esteem, regard, reputation, fame, nature, good normal condition, literal meaning; equilibrium (Kampara_.La série se démarque par son humour corrosif et sa critique de la société américaine au travers d'une famille d'Américains moyens.Il est, entre autres, le créateur des séries animées American Dad!binding (RV.); se_tra bond, ligament (Pa_n..)(CDIAL 13586).

rag, cloth (Ta.); citaval cutting off, cropping; strip of cloth, rag, torn piece of cloth; citai (-v-, -nt-) to be sundered; (-pp-, -tt-) to shear (Ta.); cintu (cinti-) to cut off (Ta.); cinnikka to cleave, split (Ma.); ci_ntuka to tear (as paper, leaves), strip (a plantain leaf); ci_ntu a shred, strip, streak (Ma.); kidi_ta_na_ to shred chillies, etc.

Il a également écrit et dirigé les films Ted et Ted 2 dans lesquels il double le personnage de Ted.

Seth Woodbury Mac Farlane a grandi dans la ville de Kent dans le Connecticut.

The deal on NBC's "Card Sharks," hosted by Jim Perry, above, from 1978 to 1981, was twofold: Contestants had to predict what percentage of Americans provided a specific answer to a survey question to earn playing cards to beat their opponents in a variation of Blackjack.

Bob Eubanks was master of ceremonies when CBS brought back the show in 1986.

En 2005, la nouvelle série de Mac Farlane débute, toujours sur la Fox pendant 10 saisons (à partir de la saison à l'automne 2014, le show sera diffusé sur TBS).