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Webistes for sex advice

We’ve put together a list of cool websites every guy should know about.If you’ve already seen the most beautiful women in the world list and would rather see Mug Shot Hotties anyway, then Asylum is the website for you.

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Check out Chicago’s nightlife scene and learn about the Naked Girls Reading event (yes, it’s what it sounds like), or the Rum Renaissance Festival in Miami.Ok Cupid isn't the best choice for people who are looking to get into a long-term relationship; the vast majority of users are under 30 and not necessarily looking for anything serious."If you're looking for a serious relationship, my advice is spend the money for a paid membership," Masini says.You’ll find an abundance of great advice to handle difficult situations, such as how to weather a break-up like a man.You can also learn important skills every gentleman should know, like how to make a perfect martini.What Men Need to Know Find out everything you need to know from what video games to pick up to what websites are worth checking out, and of course, get some goold ol’ fashioned manducation.

On top of all of that Ploomy is actually a great source of life tips, such as Tips to Help You Get Your Swagger Back and A Practical Guide to Office Romance.

Follow strange and interesting news stories and get new photos of the world’s sexiest women and read up on interesting hobbies and how to’s, like How to Hustle Pool.

Check out the site for more life lessons, dating and sex tips, and entertainment news for men.

An Online Men’s Magazine Looking for a magazine for guys with as many sex tips as Cosmo, but none of the boring emotions? The website certainly covers the other big important life topics like Finance and Health, and they definitely don’t skimp on advice about Dating and Sex.

Great advice that covers how to meet women, how to flirt while texting, and of course the how to know the right time to make your move.

"It shows commitment." But if you're looking for a casual, but active dating life without any of the cost of other dating sites, give Ok Cupid a try.