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There are issues for some women of certain faiths using mixed bathrooms and I’d never want to do that, hence either self-contained or giving people the freedom to choose.” his is a divisive issue.

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“When gender neutral toilets come up people are worried about many things, but the reality is that everyone uses gender neutral toilets already - they are in your own home.Over time people will come to not even think about them and they will be a part of normal life.” he’s right - many of us already use gender neutral loos without a second thought, for example when small cafes have just one locked cubicle.Would it really be a big step to have that mirrored in public spaces all across the country?But he didn’t have gender reassignment surgery for a while, meaning that he wasn’t able to use a urinal.“It meant I’d go to the men’s loos, because I looked like a man, but had to wait for a cubicle.In America, the White House has also moved with the times.

London's Barbican Centre has now followed suit, with gents and ladies facilities now reading 'gender-neutral, with urinals' and 'gender-neutral, with cubicles'. This isn’t the USA.” Another visitor to the arts centre tweeted: "Never seen so many confused and desperate people!

They wondered why trans people could not simply use the gendered loo they felt most comfortable with.

But as Lewis Hancox, 26, knows, it isn't always that easy.

er main objection to having a separate gender neutral loo alongside existing gendered ones is that it will make trans people feel different.

But Hancox thinks it’s the safest alternative: “Trans people need to be reminded it’s not just going to be trans and non-binary people using them. I think there’s no harm in giving people that option and I don’t think anyone will see you go into the gender neutral toilet and assume you’re trans.” Lester agrees, pointing out that people such as carers looking after someone of the opposite gender would also benefit from gender neutral loos.

But not everyone within the trans and non-binary community ends up with such a neat solution.