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Unlike the machine gun production that of the grenades was declining, maily because of waning customer interest. Arms orders resulted in an extension of the plant, in updated technology, in high specialization and professionality of the personnel.

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In 1922 he boudht a factory building in Prague-Nusle in a locality called Green Fox after an ancient roadside inn,” Factory building” is, of course a rather exaggerated term for the Sachs Company shoemaking workshops set up in the former bar.Following a short practice he came back to Prague and went to work at Kolben, one of the largest electrotechnical engineering and so he studied mechanical engineering at the state Technical School in Prague and after leaving school he went in for electrotechnics.Following a short practice he came back to Prague and went to work at Kolben one of the largest electrotechnical manufacterers in Bohemia .He obtained the foundation capital fron the sale of two arc lamp device patents,bought by two German establishments for the sum of 70.000 marks.This was not Janeček’s first great invetion—earlier, during his stay the Netherlands,he came at the age of twenty –four with a new methodof current supply for tramways,which was purchased by the English for £ 2,000.Investment by orders from the reconstruction of Schwarzlose machine guns devoled upon Czechoslovakia from the equipment of the former Austro- Hungarian Monarchy.

The Schwarzlose guns were constructed for Manlicher type ammunition whereas the Czechoslovak army used Mauser ammunition that was why Janeček’s factory was reconstructing the machine guns were less than required by the Army , Janeček got an order for the manufacture of new weapons of the same type.

In 1928 when Janeček was contemplating what to do next, there were in Czechoslovakia twenty-one motor cycle manufaturers-among them Čechie , Itar, Terrot, Orion and above all premier and Praga enjoyed a good reputation. Even the largest of them Praga did not exceed several hundred units.

On the home market Czechoslovak makes were in an insignificant minority, the prevailing majority was represented by foreign makes. His other decision was perfectly justified, too-he was not to develop a machine of his own, but begin with production under licence.

His father made him to take interest in engineering and so he studied mechanical school in Prague and after leaving school he went in for electrotechnics.

His way took him first to Berlin’s Technical University and after that he took up employment with the schuckert establishment.

The premises were an adapted former chemical works and Janeček at first joined forces with toolmaker František Kohoutek.