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Resource Manager then routes the requests to the appropriate resource providers.

Resource Manager provides a consistent management layer for the tasks you perform through Azure Power Shell, Azure CLI, Azure portal, REST API, and development tools. You use the tools that work best for you, and can use them interchangeably without confusion.Each resource provider offers a set of resources and operations for working with an Azure service. Knowing the names of resource providers and resources helps you define resources you want to deploy to Azure.For example, if you want to store keys and secrets, you work with the Microsoft. This resource provider offers a resource type called vaults for creating the key vault. Also, you need to know the valid locations and API versions for each resource type.You use a template for deployment and that template can work for different environments such as testing, staging, and production.Resource Manager provides security, auditing, and tagging features to help you manage your resources after deployment.Please don’t comment that I’m stereotyping and stereotyping sucks, wah wah wah. Perhaps why Swedish women have a reputation of being blond/beautiful or why the negative reputation of being “sluts.” Or your experience dating a Swedish girl or being a Swedish girl and dating.

The infrastructure for your application is typically made up of many components – maybe a virtual machine, storage account, and virtual network, or a web app, database, database server, and 3rd party services.

You do not see these components as separate entities, instead you see them as related and interdependent parts of a single entity.

You want to deploy, manage, and monitor them as a group.

If you are new to Azure Resource Manager, there are some terms you might not be familiar with.

Resource Manager provides a new way to deploy and manage your solutions.

The following image shows how all the tools interact with the same Azure Resource Manager API.