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Houstons hot couples meetup

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With the largest LGBT community in the state of Texas, and one of the largest in the South, Houston has a rich gay history and an abundance of social and philanthropic organizations.

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Had a Toyota Center full of Houstonians really freed themselves of society's sexual shackles?Crawford estimates 3 million people are in the lifestyle across the U.S., not including those who are "on the fringe." According to his numbers, Houston is tied for third with the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.5718 Fairdale 713-532-0840 [more]Houston's newest and most exclusive couples club. Here's where you can meet singles in Houston, Texas.Today's swingers claim that their ranks are made up of the mainstream - which is a nice way of saying college-educated and considerably less wrinkled.

"People are always shocked when they find out they know someone who is part of the lifestyle," said Todd Crawford, the New Orleans-based owner of one of the nation's largest adult websites for swingers.

This past weekend the Johnny Steele Dog Park had its grand opening at the corner of Allen Parkway and Montrose after months of renovations to turn it into a doggie oasis.

While the Houston Chronicle was on the grounds watching man and beast explore the amenities, we learned that dog parks are a hot singles spot in Houston. If your dog and a romantic prospect’s dog get along, that’s just a bonus. One visitor said she even knew a few guys who borrow friends' dogs just to cruise the scene at dog parks, which sounds pretty devious but completely plausible as men are ruthless when it comes to this business.

Ask a swinger, and they'll tell you "the lifestyle," is a lot more common than you might think.

Forget leathery-skinned retirees skulking around nudist colonies, swapping sex between games of badminton.

Seating arrangements allow you to glide onto the dance floor and [more]The Ritz is Houston's favourite strip club, perfect for a man focused on business or on pleasure.