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Facebook is not a dating site sayings

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“Although it’s important to be authentic and not mislead anyone, there is a time and place to have deeper and more intimate conversations about flaws.Ray’s dating profile tips: • Keep very personal facts, like medical issues, a criminal record or a colourful past (ahem, sexual conquests) off your profile.

The relationship expert says: “For some people, alcohol has a negative impact and one can lose concentration,” says Ray.List things you’re interested in trying, which can be great date ideas, too. Join a social group, take up a sport, take a class.Do anything that gets you out of your house and involved in something different. ” *This is meant as a joke, I am not saying that marriage is bad, in most cases anyways.If you’re tackling your dating app profile the same way you would your resume, then your approach just might be all wrong.As Facebook puts it: “It’s complicated.” So, to steer you into a relationship that is fitting you, your personality and what you want and need in a mate (and not just a salary or vacation goals), we connected with dating coach Carmelia Ray, who is also a celebrity matchmaker and online dating expert.

She clears up your mistakes and offers tips on creating a dating profile that’s effective on Tindr, Bumble et al., not just attractive. The relationship expert says: “Consider your profile photo as your single opportunity to make your best impression,” says Ray.

Sure, you want to show off the best version of you, but finding a potential life partner (or even a quick fling) requires a different take.

And quitting a relationship (no matter how short) isn’t as easy as giving two-weeks notice.

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The relationship expert says: “There is a constant battle between knowing exactly who your partner is, being uber specific and being flexible when it comes to seeking your ‘ideal’ partner,” says Ray.