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Dating in the workplace policy example

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While safety in the workplace is no laughing matter, teaching your employees to be safe at work can be.If you make your safety training fun, interesting and engaging, your employees are more likely to remember what they have learned and put it into practice every day.

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Ideally, your presentation should be only part of an overall wellness program and should be backed up with a whole-company, long-term stress management initiative.When you design a workplace training program, make sure it teaches both company policies as well as state and federal safety guidelines.Reward your employees for keeping their workplace safe with custom scratch-off cards that also stress a safety message.Everyone loves to win prizes and get things for free.Tying your safety training program to incentives and other prizes is a great way to get the entire workforce involved and focused.Every employee gets a card filled with either traditional numbers or safety tips, pictures of equipment or other items relevant to the workplace.

For every day the workplace is accident-free, announce another square and offer rewards for every "bingo." The game ends if there is an accident and employees start over with a new cards.

Employers have an obligation to provide their employees with a safe environment in which to perform their jobs.

In late 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) noted private employers reported "2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses ...

Everyone experiences work-related stress from time to time and can benefit from learning new ways to effectively manage this inevitable aspect of life.

Use the Power Point presentation provided here as a helpful free resource for teaching stress management tips in your own organization.

Distribute the cards as a reward for a long accident-free streak or as an on-the-spot prize for observed safe behavior.