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The best thing to do is to discuss this with the school's advisor.

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Consider your own learning style and what you respond to as a student when reading more about online learning.Most students have satisfied the general admission requirements as these were also required to pass the Associate's degree program.About 30 hours of clinical/practical hours or equivalency exams are required for many RN to BSN programs.If the student is a full-time working RN throughout the program this will satisfy the requirement for most schools.For RN's who are not working during the program, many schools offer exams or other ways to satisfy the 30 hour requirement.Undergraduate requirements vary by program and are usually about 60 credit hours, include: The format for online learning involves reading from an electronic textbook, emailing, discussion boards, and chat rooms.

Most schools offer additional help for students who want it via telephone or private email with the instructor.

For decades, the leaders in the field of nursing have encouraged Associate's and Diploma level nurses to pursue a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

Research has proven that nurses with higher education experience improved job satisfaction, improved patient outcomes, fewer medication errors, and decreased mortality rates.

Most schools require daily or 3-4 day a week log-in's for class participation.

This may be cumbersome after a long day of working bedside as a nurse!

A simple search will provide a plethora of options and finding the right online RN to BSN program has never been easier.